Digital Gift Card

Enter Value of the Gift Card ($)

Create a Digital Gift Card in any amount! Use the card for yourself or send to one or more recipients. Gift card can be used for any store items and may be used multiple times until the value of the card has been used.

You may enter recipient name and email at checkout for each card purchased.


Give your colleague friend, referral source doctors, prospective associate or that special resident you have been nurturing along a digital Gift Card and they will thank you enthusiastically! Or treat yourself and use to conveniently make any purchases on our webstore.

You can also adjust the quantity of cards you would like. When you add the purchase to the shopping cart you will have the option to send the card(s) to yourself or to someone else. If you purchase multiple cards you can send each one to a different recipient! The recipient will receive an e-mail (with your message if entered) along with instructions on how to use the card number for any purchase on the site.

Purchased cards will never expire and can be used for any webstore item including Tackle It!™ Consultations. Your or your recipient’s on-line account page will always show the available balance for each card purchased and allow for easy one-click application to a purchase!

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