Employee (Staff) Employment Confirmation Letter


Gain the benefit of a clear understanding of staff employment terms between doctor and staff member. This conversational agreement format is appreciated by both doctors and staff members and seems to contribute to less staff turnover. Use of this type of format adds to the professionalism of the practice and eliminates some of the misunderstandings that tend to result when no writing exists.


Provides a letter agreement format for the doctor or practice administrator to confirm new hire or current employee staff terms of employment. The agreement format presents the important points of the staff employee relationship, but is not intended to be exhaustive in presenting all possible provisions. The language used is intentionally written in a conversational and less formal manner.

Berning & Affiliates has found that employees welcome having the terms of their employment stated in writing and, interestingly, that practices using this type of form seem to have less turn over. This may be due in part to the understanding the employee has about the terms of employment, both those that are specific and those that are more flexible and in the control of the employer, and the commitment the staff member makes in signing the agreement.

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