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“Thank you very much for your guidance and help. I am grateful for your kindness and support!”
Jennifer Jackson DMD, Pediatric Dentist, Asheville NC

“Exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it!” (Tackle It!™ Consultation)
Timothy Reardon DDS MS, Orthodontist, Las Vegas NV

“I always appreciate your wisdom.”
Thomas Backenstose DMD, Prosthodontist, Philadelphia PA

“Randall has been a master at looking for, and finding, a win-win agreement for the transactions he has assisted me with. He consistently achieves well thought-out, well reasoned, win-win agreements through careful, thorough explanation given to both parties.”
Kenneth Rogers DMD, Pediatric Dentist, Winter Haven FL

“I want to thank you so much for all your good work! I Chess Piece Logoappreciate your professionalism, promptness, and attention. I am appreciative of your talent and what you do for all of us.”
David Sarver DMD MS, Orthodontist, Birmingham AL

“Thank you for everything you have done for me. It has been a pleasure working with you.  I must admit that before I started working with you, I checked your references and they were all terrific. The most favorable reference of all came from my program director at New York University, Dr. Larry Jerrold. I have great respect for him and if you are able to impress him to the extent that you did, I knew that you had something great to offer. You have both met and exceeded my initial expectations and I am truly grateful for all that you have done.”
Larry Kawa, DDS PA, Orthodontist,  Boca Raton FL

“Randy, I feel lucky to have crossed paths with you and I know our practice is better because of your influence. Thanks for all your help with our practice planning and implementation. I’m looking forward to furthering with you the transition work with my associate and developing my partnership with him. I am also excited about exploring developing a multi-discipline approach to care by incorporating orthodontics.”
John DeLorme DDS, South OC Pediatric Dental Group, Mission Viejo CA

“We signed the final documents! You should know that the one thing that held this together was the process you designed to instill trust in you as an unbiased advisor and the trust that Lindsay and I have in each other. Talking through the terms and pointing out fairness and as our primary “objective” to create long term equality made Lindsay and I feel that no matter what each of our attorneys advised, we could count on the fact that the terms we agreed upon were “ours”. We owned them as our standard for the other tangental decisions. And you can bet that your comments about our attorneys wanting to change everything, is exactly right. It was a battle of experienced lawyers and legally less informed clients trying to stand up for our previous decisions. We both thank you for your help and guidance.”
Charles Ray Graham DMD MS & Lindsay Limbaugh DDS MS, Orthodontists, Huntsville AL

“Randall’s participation is the most valuable and least expensive part of the whole thing. That’s the truth! You’re a God-send Randall.”
Philip A. Trask DDS MS, Pediatric Dentist, Santa Monica CA

“We had the opportunity to be guided by Randy in our practice transition. He set the structure and guided us as we reached an equitable practice relationship. We are now several years into our relationship and have found it very satisfactory. We just had Randy speak to our Monroe County Dental Society and his presentation was extremely informative for practice owners and newer doctors, instructing on a myriad of subjects. His uniquely casual style allowed for lively discussions on topics from practice transitions to practice building. If you are thinking transition and succession he is a great choice.”
William Viechnicki DDS & Thomas Kilareski DDS, Orthodontists, East Stroudsburg PA

“We’re two years into our partnership that you helped us with and we’re doing great! I’m feeling great and the practice is doing very well. You can let my colleagues know that!”
Dr. Elliot Taynor, Orthodontist, Taynor Goldman & Sabo, Long Island NY

“I appreciate that you have been very responsive in guiding our practice transition involving four doctors. Your timely and professional advice in this process will benefit our new partners. Thank you!”
Santos Cortez DDS, Pediatric Dentist, Long Beach CA

“Randy Berning is indeed a unique individual. Combining charm, wit, perspicuity and expertise, Randy can diagnose and treat practice dilemmas quickly and expeditiously. I highly recommend Randy for the discerning health care professional!”
Randy M. Feldman DDS MS, Orthodontist, Tampa FL

“I highly recommend Mr. Berning for his consult and guidance for your practice transition decisions. The process for the successful sale of my pediatric dental practice was without complication. The options to consider of an associate, partnership or sale was determined with Mr. Berning. Our decision to pursue a sale and hire back relationship was the right one for me. For your guidance Randy, from listing the practice, qualifying the prospect, valuation, terms and with counsel, Thank You!”
Alan Hoffman DDS, Pediatric Dentist, Merced CA

“Excellent result! The transition of my practice is complete! After being in practice many years and building a larger practice, it was time to prepare for transition. When I asked local colleagues for a recommendation of a transition specialist, I was given the name of Randall Berning. At each step I was provided with the assistance needed to accomplish very specific goals with some unusual aspects. I am very satisfied and recommend him highly.”
Kenneth Greenbaum DDS MS, Orthodontist, Salem OR

“Randy is one of the most highly respected people in the Practice Transition area and he has authored a number of articles as well as much of the material in the AAO’s Practice Transition manual and Practice Alternatives manual. His expertise lies in evaluating all of the data pertaining to a practice, plus the objective and subjective goals of both of the involved parties and coming up with a game plan that makes it work for everyone concerned. Basically he becomes the bridge between the two parties in the transition process. His approach is intended to be a very non-threatening way of beginning the process which ultimately results in arriving at an agreement that makes all parties winners. Applying his approach helped me transition my practice.”
James Gjerset DDS, Orthodontist, Grand Forks ND, Past President AAO

“As one crosses new waters it is wise to seek advice from someone who has traveled there before you because what may look like a smooth sea may be fraught with rocks and currents not foreseen. On our transition we encountered some choppy seas and Randy Berning kept us focused and guided us to safe harbor. And no one got wet.”
Frederick G. Preis DDS, Orthodontist, Bel Air MD, Past President AAO

“Again, thank you for your advice. My experience with you was very positive, unlike my experience with other attorneys (consultants) who helped my with such matters.”
William Hsiang DDS, Irvine CA

“Advisors are plentiful…good advice is not!
Mr. Randall Berning is an attorney, counselor and advisor without peer in the area of dental practice transitions. With his help I’ve created my ‘dream practice.’ I wouldn’t make any decisions regarding a practice transition without his advice. Case closed.”
Todd L. Vogel DDS, General Dentist, Salem OR

“Timely, knowledgeable, helpful, and succinct. With surgical precision, Mr. Berning dissected through the superficial layers, exposing the focus of the problem, and then offered a useful solution. He left me to do the suturing — which was simple …”
C. John Munce DDS, Endodontist, Santa Barbara CA

“Dear Randy, I was very pleased with your referral. The entire situation played out very much like you predicted. It was the worst year of my life and my life this year feels like one of the best. Thanks for all your help.”
Michael Callan DDS, Orthodontist, Clinton IA

“Your practice deserves the guidance of an expert – I recommend Randall Berning.”
Michael Cooper DDS, General Dentist, Santa Barbara CA

“Randall Berning’s materials were the only resources we needed when I sold my practice. We followed his advice closely and the entire sale went beautifully. We never had a single problem. Mr. Berning has built success into his approach to practice transitions.”
Joseph F. O’Neil DMD, Williamsburg VA

“If I could describe my practice purchase experience in one word, it would be fairness. Dr. O’Neil and Iused the Expert Series by Randall Berning and everyone was happy with the outcome. It’s clear that Mr. Berning has given a lot of thought to the human aspects of practice transition as well as the financial considerations.”
Annette Distefano Theriot DDS, Hammond LA

“Great! I needed to have direction and you provided it! You gave me insights into alternative methods which I had not previously given much thought to.”
Jerry M. Strauss DMD, General Dentist, Binghamton NY

“It’s a done deal — the check is in the bank!!! Thanks for your help!”
Arnold Hecht DDS, Periodontist, Fairfax Station VA

“I have no problem paying your bills, you do quality work.”
Paul R. Rhodes DDS MS, Periodontist, Oakland CA

“Thank you for your excellent counseling!”
Gregg T. Behling, DMD, Pediatric Dentist, Arnold, MD

“Both Roz and I truly appreciate the help and advice that you have given us over the years. My own brother couldn’t have treated me any better than you have!”
Jason Birnbaum DDS, General Dentist, Phillipsburg NJ

“Thank you again. The Tackle It meeting was very insightful and your guidance very much appreciated. I shall be contacting you again once I sign the lease for my practice space.
Maria Marranzini DDS, Pediatric Dentist, Davie FL

“Thanks to you I’ve opened my own office!”
James Vlassis DDS MS, Periodontist, Fayetteville NY

“You have successfully guided us and mediated our misunderstandings so that we were able to sign our new partnership agreement with the knowledge that we were both treated fairly and equitably. Thank you, Randall, for your professional guidance.”
Richard K. Manson DDS, Orthodontist, Escondido CA

“Thank you for your help and guidance in this most important phase of my life.”
R. Malcolm Overbey DDS, General Dentist, Past ADA President

“You’re a God-send! My accountant and dental consultant could not provide the advice you gave me in one hour. Thanks for your help in my transition.”
Joseph A. Pilirio DDS, General Dentist, Southport CT

“I’m very impressed and very grateful for your good counsel ”
Philip Trask DDS MS, Pediatric Dentist, Santa Monica CA

“In my twenty plus years in dentistry, I have sought the counsel and services of many professionals in determining the proper course of action for both my practice and my career. In my estimation, Randall Berning, through his writings, seminars and vast experience, offers a unique and singular service to the dental profession. He has keen insights into the dynamics of associateship arrangements, which proved invaluable to me as I looked at various practice opportunities around the country. He assisted me in marketing a specialty practice, providing me with concepts and ideas which were both distinctive and original. Finally, he also advised me on the evaluation and purchasing phase of a dental practice, showing me how to objectively assess the true value of a dental practice. Given the vast array of career choices facing the dental practitioner today — groups, associateships, corporate employee, sole proprietor — and given the daunting inexperience of most dentists to properly assess the strengths and weaknesses of those choices, dentistry is fortunate to have an individual like Randall Berning available to guide us in our decision-making.”
Dr. Thomas Backenstose, Prosthodontist, Edina MN

“Thanks to you.  This year is my 9th annual “Dollars for Scholars” fundraiser and in that time I’ve raised over $100,000 for college scholarships which were awarded to graduates of our local high school. My patients know me as a wonderful dentist and, in addition, someone who takes crazy summer vacations which raise money to support our local youth. You encouraged me with this project and I really appreciate it.”
Dr. Jan C. Gabus, General Dentist, Menlo Park CA 

“Just a note of appreciation for all the help you gave us in working to hire our new associate. You were very helpful and so easy to talk to. I particularly appreciated your lay terminology as I have difficulty understanding the legal jargon!”
Sandra Rose and Mack L. Rose DDS MSD, Orthodontist, Norman OK

“My thanks to you, not only for the excellent professional aspect of your handling of the transaction but also for being a great source of emotional help. After 47 years of private practice it was an emotional trauma to retire from a profession that I have loved so much. I found your understanding, compassion and emotional support to be a tremendous help.”
Bertram H. Kotin DDS, General Dentist, San Mateo CA

“Thank you for the help you have given me over the past 4 years. Your approach, which is a personal one, not boilerplate, is just what I needed! I particularly appreciate your seeing the simple things I could do in my office to reflect more of my personality. You have helped me improve my confidence and have made dentistry a lot more fun for me. I look forward to many more years of our working relationship!”
Jan C. Gabus DDS, General Dentist, Menlo Park CA

“…with great appreciation for all your hard work and determination…”
Edward Vahey DDS MS, Periodontist, Daly City CA

“Thanks for your good counsel!”
W. Kent Keith DMD MSD, Periodontist, Boulder CO

“I just had my first consultation with Randall concerning my practice transition. Not a minute of time was wasted. He asked specific questions, helped to guide my thinking on several important questions, answered my questions directly and clearly, and gave me homework and a list of items to consider. A most productive consultation.”
Lary J. Schiller, DDS, Periodontist, San Francisco CA

“Thanks for your help!”
Casey M. Herrera DDS, Periodontist, Modesto CA


Dear Randall,

As we complete our first year in practice as partners, we have had the opportunity to reflect on how the partnership has developed, as well as the overall process that you assisted us with. We are looking forward to your upcoming visit to our office to review the details of the first year, as well as to establish our plans for the next five years.

We would certainly like to compliment you on having guided us through the complexities of a partnership, as well as in establishing an infrastructure that would allow ultimate transition of the practice. We do understand that there are many different examples of the partnership and practice acquisition process, and would like to compliment you on having provided us with a detailed and well structured agreement to accomplish our objectives. We certainly felt comfortable in the communications that took place between you and our individual advisors, so that a fair and equitable agreement could be reached. As the practice continues to grow, it is evident that further details will need to be addressed, but it is fair for us to say that neither one of us has ever felt that there was any part of the process that was unfair to either party. We both felt equally represented, and appreciated your ability to bridge the gap between a junior and senior partner.

Given the complexities associated with the business, accounting, and tax aspects of a partnership, as well as the acquisition of a share of the practice, we both feel that an equitable and structured process was developed as a result of the advice and guidance we received from you. We look forward to continued growth in our practice, and to continue assistance and advice from you as the partnership develops further. Given your travel and work schedule, we further appreciate your willingness to respond to us in a timely and efficient manner, and we do understand that this is an unusual level of service in today’s business world. We also appreciated your willingness to listen to our individual points of view in structuring the partnership, rather than trying to make it fit some preconceived partnership model.

Sir, we believe you are a professional and a gentleman, and we are glad we found Berning and Affiliates.


Anoop Sondhi, D.D.S., M.S. Jeffery Biggs, D.D.S., M.S
Sondhi-Biggs Orthodontics, PC
9333 North Meridian, Suite 301
Indianapolis, IN (2002)


Dear Randy,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you have done for me to this point. It has been a pleasure working with you and I don’t know how I possibly could have made any progress in this case without your help. Before I met you, I had sought the advice of both a corporate transactional attorney and a healthcare attorney. Both of them were dry as toast and neither was able to present a constructive format for organized protocol of any fashion such as you did. When I left their office, I think I was more confused then when I first came to their office.

Now that I have spoken with you, however, things have changed. You mailed me a very organized brochure with some paperwork formatting the specifics of how to go about a practice transaction of this nature. I must admit that before I started working with you, I checked your references and they were all terrific. The most favorable reference of all came from my program director at New York University, Dr. Larry Jerrold. I have great respect for him and if you are able to impress him to the extent that you did, I knew that you had something great to offer.

You have both met and exceeded my initial expectations and I am truly grateful for all that you have done. This was a process that I dreaded ever endeavoring upon, however, you have made this an opportunity that I look forward to each time we speak.

I have already referred you to several of my colleges who are considering a practice transition. I look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship with you. I remain

Sincerely Yours,
Larry Kawa, D.D.S., P.A
Mission Bay Plaza — 20423 State Rd. 7, Suite F18 — Boca Raton, FL 33498

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