“Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery” by Dr. Henry Marsh

Book_Do No HarmInteresting read! Doctor’s make mistakes, have triumphs and have the full range of emotions that all the rest of us do. But gaining an understanding of how a doctor acts, reacts and stays in practice day after day takes a special story teller. It helps when the storyteller is a doctor, in this case a neurosurgeon, Dr. Henry Marsh.  A valuable series of insights that both doctors and the rest of us can benefit from reading and thinking deeply about. Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery, was named a Notable Book of the Year by the New York Times Book Review.

Inspiration for new LLMs

“… it was all great fun and a professional challenge working with you to adapt what I knew about physicians and other providers to the dentists which you represented. We had a ball working together, didn’t we? Thank you, Randy, for (your) kind words. It’s what I always hoped my adjunct teaching position would accomplish, and you should be very proud of how you picked up the ball and ran with it.”  L. EdwardEd Bryant Aug 2015 Bryant, Jr. writing to me recently. Ed is a long-time friend, mentor, colleague and my all-time favorite professor during my LLM in Health Law at Loyola (Master of Laws in Health Law). Recently, at a wonderful breakfast near Evanston, we talked about old times and new, and I thanked him for his comments. I share those comments here in part because they mean a great deal to me and in part to hopefully inspire new LLM’s to follow their interests in developing their health law career and to have fun while doing so. Ed was honored for his early and significant contribution to health law development and transactions when the Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy established the L. Edward Bryant, Jr. National Health Law Transactional Competition.