Braces for Adults Makes the WSJ!

Highlighting what many dentists and orthodontists already know, the October 6th 40351510_sarticle, More Adults Need Braces and It Isn’t Like In High School, by Sumathi Reddy, is full of information. It covers the numbers, for example 1,225,850 adults receiving orthodontic care in 2012 the most recent data available (up 39% from 1996), the pros and cons of care provided to an adult, the motivation of adults to have an attractive smile, and the need to have periodontal disease at a minimum.  In my view, this is an exceptionally beneficial article that orthodontists should discuss and link to on their websites, blogs, and for that matter consider ordering reprints to give away at consults. This article hit a prime demographic of generally affluent business oriented adults that are interested in improving themselves and have the financial resources to pay for care.