AAE Super Annual Meeting

Some annual meetings just don’t seem to come together. This was not the case for the American Association of Endodontists meeting in San Antonio! A wonderful meeting and great venue. I presented two programs, Avoiding The Crumbling Associateship for owners in the morning and Negotiating The Contract: Tips for Associates in the afternoon. Audience participation was .excellent! Photo here shows some of the Nova Southeastern residents after the morning session.  At the awesome Rio Cibolo Ranch (AAE hired 28 buses to carry a 1000) to the event,6a00d8341cc4be53ef014e610817e0970c-200wi I enjoyed visiting with long time friend Dr. Terryl Propper and met the General Chair Dr. Anne Williamson. Seeing the Alamo during the 175th anniversary year was a most memorable occasion

Enjoy Long Term Practice and Personal Relationships

I was recently visited here in Naples, Florida with Dr. Todd Vogel and Dr. Ken Greenbaum and their wives, who came for some rest and relaxation. Both practiced in Salem, Oregon for many years, Todd as a general dentist and Ken as a orthodontist, and are now “retired”. I assisted both to transition their practices, Todd over 10 years ago and Ken 3 years ago. Ken and Todd shared a practice referral relationship that developed over the years into a personal frienship that continues to this day. To my mind it does not get better than that! It was fun to visit with them and catch up on their activities!


Cherry Blossoms and Great Conversations

A trip this past week to Washington DC provided the opportunity to meet with Dr. Joseph Thompson and take part in the Cherry Blossom Festival. I provided services to Dr. Thompson to transition his general dental practice 25 years ago! This was an exceptional practice grown over the years to be a larger practice located in the medical office building at Holy Redeemer Hospital and Medical Center. It was a dynamic practice, recognized nationally in the top 1 percent for productivity of practices in the United States. A reference to this wonderful practice was in the Wall Street Journal in the November 13, 1989 issue. Our conversations and friendship have continued to this day.  Currently Dr. Thompson is Vice President and Chief Development Officer of the Holy Redeemer Health System and has been since 1995. We have the best conversations! In part, they focus on his excellent understanding of the “art of branding” for health care practices and entities. I will have an interview with Dr. Thompson in the Smart Doctor coaching newsletter in May. You can also see a second short interview at our Berning & Affiliates You Tube Channel.

A Master CEO

So there I was in NYC working with clients and had a few hours to take in at least one attraction. What caught my eye was an exhibit “Michelango: The Man and the Myth” at the Lubin House a facility of Syracuse University on 61st. An eye opening as well as eye pleasing occasion! This was an exhibit of 14 drawings as well as sculptures, paintings and poems. You read that right, poems! I did not know it but he wrote hundreds of tender love poems. Superb commentary in this small and well focused exhibit helps anyone gain a new appreciation for this man. What caught my attention, in addition to the masterly red pencil drawings 500 years old yet as fresh as yesterday, were the following statements. “He constantly complained about not having any money yet amassed a considerable fortune that kept his family comfortable for two centuries. Though he enjoyed the reputation of being a solitary genius, he directed dozens of assistants, quarrymen, and stonemasons to carryout his work.” So there, like some of the best Doctor CEO’s I know, goes Michelanglo building his financial fortress, practicing his art and coordinating his team to produce the results he desired. Truly inspirational!