QR Codes Are Dynamite for Dental Practice Marketing

Scan the QR at the right, or “Quick Response”, code with your smart phone. Whether it is placed on a screen or on print items it will take you to the information I have designated with this direct link! Oh, you’ll need an app for the scan! The one I use is called ScanLife, its a free app for both Android and Apple and it works great reading QR codes and SKU codes (which brings up lots of product information – very helpful).

Keep your eyes open! The QR codes are showing up everywhere! I was recently at Reagan Airport in DC and there on a 4’x6’ billboard for a local university was a QR code image for more information on the program offered at the university. I pulled out my phone and scanned the image and boom I was taken to the specific web page reading about the program – very powerful!

At a recent study club program I discussed with doctors how to place the QR codes on their business card, put them on select practice information sheets and after treatment follow up care sheets. I related how doctors can use the codes to direct patients, prospects, and referral sources so the “land” on select web page content. In this way when they are meeting with a referral practice, meeting a prospective patient or talking to a patient after treatment they are guiding the reader to selected information in a quick and easy way. For marketing you can add a QR code to the T-shirt design for the next softball team you sponsor or on the next round of coffee mugs you order. The possibilities are endless.

QR codes can be created for more than just web links. You can have a telephone number QR code or a special offer or message QR code that is simply text. Keep the message short. Lots of possibilities – contests, announcements, welcome message.

Creating your own QR codes is a free and easy process. There are plenty of websites that will generate the codes. Simply Google “QR code generator”. The one I use is http://qrcode.kaywa.com/.

Let me know what you do with your QR codes. Send me samples and I’ll put together a follow-up posting or article. Happy QR-ing!

Fun Photos! On Building Confident Leadership Presentation

As I noted in an earlier post I spoke at the American Orthodontics Booth at the American Association of Orthodontics Meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago. Just received several photos that show the presentation in process. Thank you to AO for sending on the photos! The photo to the right shows one of the early slides for the Three Magical Questions To Guide Your6a00d8341cc4be53ef0154328f1aed970c-200wi Course presentation and a very enthusiastic presenter! The slide to the left shows Dr. David Musich answering a question related to practice growth and development, and Beth Barrett, both long time friends. I have had the privilege of providing services over the years to Dr. Musich and Beth Barrett, a well known speaker, has provided her slide program on The Fee Master: Orthodontic Fee Calculation Method now available in our web store.

The Power of Announcing Something New

Today we have the pleasure of announcing our new web store for dentists and dental specialists. You can see it at www.BerningAffiliates.biz It is an amazingly simple to use the site, with layers of complexity beneath it. Simple, in that now when browsing the Store, categories guide the viewer, additional suggested materials appear when a topic area is accessed and the search function is wonderful. Not that the old Store was not working it just was not the latest with the most features. But all those features come with lots of complexity and I for one am very glad there are web masters, software companies and tons of code I don’t have to personally learn. The best part is that we get to announce the new Store, shout out the benefits and enjoy it ourselves. All of which is as powerful for our clients and customers and it is for us. I’ve seen the the phenomenon before in other business and professional practice contexts, namely the power of sharing good news. So, Doctor CEO’s don’t hide announcing that new equipment, new remodel, new facility, new certificate or advanced course work. Tell the world and you’ll see your staff pick up the enthusiasm and patients and referral sources send their compliments. Just like we have experienced. Enjoy!