How can Berning & Affiliates to help me to evaluate an associateship or partnership opportunity?

We routinely suggest that for associateship evaluation both parties follow the materials prepared for the ADA publication Associateships, A Guide for Practice Owners and Prospective Associates, coauthored by Randall Berning. It is a very cost effective way to gain an overview of the items you must be alert to. For example, in the section on Becoming An Associate there is a discussion, Guide for Evaluating an Associateship. Also, in the section on Financial Arrangements, there is a good discussion on Determining a Fair Level of Compensation and Break-Even Analysis for an Associate’s Production. If you order it from our Store you will receive an added monograph called ADA Companion Reader Associateships. If you want to discuss options and specific arrangements for the associateship consider scheduling a Tackle It. consultation and speak directly with Randall Berning.

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