I need a practice valuation. How can you help me?

We offer a high quality practice valuation service, the DDS ValuePoint. It is high quality because it is prepared by certified valuation experts. It is important to recognize that not all valuation services provide the same level of work product. Some valuation services in the dental profession provide a shallow “rote” computer driven or rule of thumb report. Our valuation affiliates are carefully selected, have dental practice valuation experience and apply the ADA publication Valuing a Practice guidelines. This publication was co-authored by Randall Berning. If you have not read through the publication is strongly suggested that you and any prospective partner or purchaser do so as well. It has a wealth of information you will find helpful. You can order the ADA publication from the ADA or directly from our Store. If you order it from our Store you will receive an added monograph called ADA Companion Reader Valuing a Practice. You can receive a valuation quote at no charge, click on DDSValuePoint Quote.

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