The ADA Practical Guide to Associateships: Success Strategies for Dentist-owners and Prospective Associates


Provides both the practice owner and the prospective associate viewpoints on the process of developing a practice associateship. Tips on how to make key decisions including form and relationship options, financial arrangements and contractual considerations. Touches all the bases of becoming an associate or adding an associate, including: • methods to locate opportunities and candidates • how to make an associateship a win-win proposition • options for financial arrangements • sample contracts and agreements.

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Includes bonus: A Companion Reader, prepared by Berning & Affiliates to help facilitate the process of using this material for a new associateship.
Guide and companion reader included. Must be an ADA member to order

From the ADA:
There’s more than meets the eye to building a successful associateship. This practical guide offers strategies for tackling both logistical issues — such as the type of associate arrangement, compensation, contract terms, and buy-ins — and intangible ones, including interpersonal considerations and compatibility, developing a practice philosophy, and conducting a goals assessment. Ideal for either adding or becoming an associate, this valuable book contains worksheets for cash flow, break-even and associate compensation analyses, as well as a sample associateship contract. Also covers the phased buy-in process, as well as considerations for the dentist who is thinking about joining a large group practice.

Key Features Include:

  •  Sample contract provisions
  • Advice for avoiding common pitfalls
  • Options for financial arrangements
  • Tips on how to prepare for the process
  • Sample interview questions
  • Key factors in evaluating opportunities and potential associates

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