“Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times” by Donald T. Phillips


In short, this is a book Doctor CEO’s should read. Each of the book’s 15 chapters targets a different leadership lesson drawn from the experiences that Lincoln faced. When you face a difficult practice or personal challenge it can be helpful to turn to one of the lessons that is most applicable and gain a thought provoking and often new window on how to deal with the circumstances. The format of the book makes that process easy. It is structured around four key areas: people, character, endeavor, and communication. If you know even the generalized area that you are having difficulty with, turn to that area then read through the chapter headings. You will see that at the end of each of the chapters there are “Lincoln Principles” listing seven to 10 key points with what amounts to a summary of the lesson. A great format for any busy Doctor CEO! Just to give you a taste, the first chapter is “Get Out of the Office and Circulate Amongst the Troops.” If Lincoln could get out and circulate so can you, no matter how busy and full your life is, and to great benefit!

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