Practice Sale/Buy-In for 1 or 2 Buyers Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet


Unique Excel worksheet designed to evaluate practice cash flow when considering selling a portion of a dental practice to 1 or 2 buyers. Helps to confirm asking price, ability to pay debt service and available net income to live on while paying debt.  Available in both a Full and Simplified Version.



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New! Practice Sale Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet

Practice Sale Cash Flow Worksheet

  • “What If” projections based on multiple purchase scenarios

  • Uses real data for the practice

  • One or two buyers

  • Over 20 variables can be defined (full version)

  • Detailed net distributions for each doctor

Unique worksheet designed for evaluating the effects of the sale of a portion of the practice to one or two buyers. Allows for entry of over 20 variables including type of purchase, interest rates, profit distribution methods, per diems and much more. Enter “What If” scenarios to determine maximum benefit from the sale. Uses actual practice figures for actual/historic income & expenses to produce meaningful results. The Worksheet allows for entering current year (or immediate past year) monthly figures for detailed income and expense and then projects annual cash flow for that year plus an additional two years. Can also be used with real time income and expenses to track cash flow on a monthly basis. The Full Version Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet is a powerful yet very easy to use tool. Just enter the variables of the sale and recent Income & Expense data from the practice. Explanation is provided for the entry of all variables right in the worksheet. The results including owner profit distributions by doctor, future projections, net cash available to each doctor and more are all calculated automatically. By simply changing one or more variables, all of the results are automatically re-calculated to reflect the change. The Simplified Version Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet is a simplified version based on fewer variables (distributions based only on each owner’s equity) but still calculates current and future cash flows for each doctor.

Variable Data Used for Cash Flow Analysis Worksheet

Variables Included for Full and Simple Versions

Practice Sale Price Number of Buyers
Down Payment Amount Seller or 3rd Party Loan Funding
Estimated Tax Rates per Doctor Annual Work Days per Doctor
Per Diem Payment Method Per Diem Payments per Doctor per Year
Annual Revenue Growth % Annual Expense Growth %
Maximum Social Security Wages COLA %
Fiscal Year Ending Month Starting Year for Cash Flow
Actual Income and Expense Data  

Additional Variables Included for Full Version Only

% of Sale Allocated to Assets Distribution % for Equity and Production
% of Sale Allocated to Management Services Production Distribution based on Days Worked or Production
Interest Rate & Term for each Allocation Non-Doctor Produced Profits Distribution Method Choice
% of Equity Purchased  
Note: If profit distributions are to be distributed using a split between equity ownership and production then the full version of the Cash Flow is required. The simple version distributes profits based only on equity ownership.

Worksheet requires Microsoft Excel version 2007 or higher.

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