Tackle It! One Hour Consultation


One Well Spent Hour with Randall Berning Can Change your Career for the Better!

Tackle It!™ consultation service for dentists & dental specialists. You’ll find this service invaluable to help you move forward in the right direction! Click and read more about the service. A downloadable Organizational Outline is provided to help make your time with Mr. Berning the most productive. Consultation sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Your Opportunity to Get the Answers You Are Looking For!
Our one hour Tackle It!™ consultation service for dentists and dental specialists in transition or evaluating their business planning has the answers you are looking for! Scheduled on Wednesdays. 

“Ask Randall Berning!” If you want solid, reasoned answers.
That’s what clients have been saying since 1979. Our consultation service is designed to let Randall Berning help you identify, discuss and assess your options, define an action plan and move forward in the right direction! You discuss your situation directly with Randall Berning. You receive the full benefit of his extensive experience and perspective in orchestrating practice transitions and solving practice issues for dentists and dental specialists.

Do you have questions or concerns about your practice future?
Like how to plan for the growth of your practice or plans for retirement by taking in a partner in the next 3-5 or more years. . . or structure a buy-in or buy-out. . . or plan for an associateship and how to provide fair compensation. . . perhaps how best to build a group practice, form a partnership or solo practice (or get out of one). . . how to develop fair compensation for a group of partners. . . about how to determine the value of a practice, or sell a practice . . . perhaps you feel the need to rethink your current business and marketing strategy. . . or evaluate an internet virtual group. . . or maybe you are concerned about addressing the impact of a proposed managed care contract or PMC proposal that’s sitting on your desk?  Whatever your concerns, we can help! 

(Note: The Consultation Session is Not a legal service and Not a tax discussion.)

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