“Trading Up: The New American Luxury” by Michael Silverstein & Neil Fiske


In 25 years of providing consulting and legal services to dentists, my experience is that many doctors think they can identify patients who will embrace high quality care from those who do not have the same personal priority. But new market information could sweep all our preconceived notions away. I say “our” because the information sure changed mine. This is a very important market intelligence perspective for any general or specialty dentist. You can never ever again anticipate what a prospective or current patient will deem as the value of what you are providing. Now you must turn your attention as never before to emphasizing what the value, the benefit(s) and the priority is for the care or procedure that you are providing. Don’t pre judge! By reading Trading Up you will be able to interpret the financial and emotional and social aspects that place a choice in or out of your patients view of the premium worth having.




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